For more than 50 years pipeline natural gas and LNG have been an indispensable part of the European energy mix. Its usages in industry, heating and, especially, in power generation might even increase as it is the cleanest of the fossil fuels. Replacing hard coal and lignite with natural gas might be one component of our efforts to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Being a part of the European natural gas and LNG industry for more than 30 years THE ENERGY HOUSE and its founder Michael Karasz support clients with services in strategy and business development as well as their respective implementation across the whole value chain of the natural gas business from well-head to burner tip.

Such services include:

  • Economic analysis of energy and gas market developments, e.g., multi-client studies and private briefings
  • Advice on strategic issues, e.g., strategy development, business development, strategic and commercial due diligence in M&A projects, and provision of monitoring trustee services
  • Advice on operational issues, e.g., development and implementation of procurement and trading strategies, asset valuation, portfolio optimization, project development
  • Commercial analysis of contracts and negotiation support, e.g., in-depth assessment of contracts, price review, negotiation support, and advising of parties in preparation for or anticipation of arbitration proceedings
  • Commercial expert witness reports, e.g., pricing issues in international GSAs and LNG SPAs

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