Hydrogen is high on the political and societal agenda. The EU has identified the need for major private investments in key sectors and technologies already before the pandemic crisis. Clean hydrogen is now believed to be even more important and to be one of the major elements of the Green Deal. This political awareness is based on the growing perception that clean hydrogen is indispensable for a successful energy transition and even the decarbonization not only of the energy sector but also of the industrial and mobility sector. Clean hydrogen is a critical component in our efforts to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

As a member of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance THE ENERGY HOUSE is committed to accelerate the transition towards a clean hydrogen world. It consults companies in building profitable businesses along the whole value chain of clean hydrogen. THE ENERGY HOUSE’s long-lasting commercial experience serves as a catalyst in developing individual corporate strategies.

Supporting the implementation of such strategies includes, inter alia:

  • Examination of the whole value chain of clean hydrogen
  • Business case analyses considering projects from a value chain perspective
  • Support in forming profitable alliances in order to create and deploy integrated end-to-end system value and thereby leveraging individual companies’ potentials
  • Assessment of investment opportunities incl. their value and risk drivers
  • Identification of optimal market entry opportunities
  • Support financing of investment projects, e.g., by using supranational and national subsidy schemes

Given its long-lasting hands-on expertise in the energy business THE ENERGY HOUSE also offers its services on the operational side of the business, e.g., by developing optimal clean hydrogen production and sales strategies. The support of hydrogen trading in a developing commodity market including the trading of guarantees of origin completes THE ENERGY HOUSE’s services to participants in the hydrogen market.

For more details: info@the-energy-house.eu